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Success of the conference “For a Culture of Arbitration at the COIIM”.

We are pleased to share with you the success of the conference “For a Culture of Arbitration at the COIIM” which took place on 20 June 2023 at the headquarters of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Madrid (COIIM). Our arbitration expert, Javier Martínez, gave an enlightening presentation on the use of arbitration as […]

Rectification of a capital increase already registered in the Commercial Register

Rectificación de un aumento de capital ya inscrito en el Registro Mercantil

The “Dirección General de Seguridad Jurídica y Fe Pública” has repeatedly stated the requirements that must be met in order to rectify a capital increase that has already been registered in the Commercial Register. This situation occurs when a company, by mistake, includes in the corresponding certificate of capital increase that accompanies the public deed, […]

The indirect transfer of shares subject to accessory services.

La transmisión indirecta de participaciones sujetas a prestaciones accesorias.

The voluntary transfer by inter vivos acts of shares with ancillary services will require, in accordance with art. 88.1 LSC, the prior authorisation of the company, a requirement that is justified by the company’s interest in the correct fulfilment of these ancillary services, given their inherent link to the development of the company’s corporate purpose. […]

Intimidation in negotiation: when is it criminally relevant?

intimidación penal

On 11 March, in STS 235/2024, the Supreme Court ruled on the concept of intimidation as a result of the well-known “Ausbanc case“, stating that not all pressures that arise in negotiations reach the level of intimidation necessary to constitute the crime of extortion, as defined in article 243 of the Penal Code. Legal definition […]

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