Advice and representation in arbitration

Prominent arbitration cases

Ayuela Jiménez

Arbitration before the Spanish Arbitration Court

Arbitration in which we acted as the sole arbitrator for one of our partners in a contractual dispute between a listed company and a publicly-owned company.

Arbitration before the CIAM

We represented the claimant entity and defended it against the counterclaim presented by the opposing party in a litigation concerning post-contractual competition.

Ayuela Jiménez

Arbitration before the ICC Court

We represented the claimant entity and defended it against the counterclaim presented by the opposing party in a litigation concerning a contractual dispute related to the photovoltaic sector.

Arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce

We represented the defendant entity and filed a counterclaim regarding the delivery of photovoltaic material, addressing a contractual dispute concerning rebus sic stantibus and defects in consent.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The arbitration process involves the submission of claims by the involved parties, followed by an exchange of relevant documents and evidence, hearings with arguments and evidence, the submission of final pleadings, and the issuance of the arbitral award.

The arbitral award is legally binding and enforceable, so if a party does not voluntarily comply with the arbitral award, the prevailing party may initiate legal proceedings to enforce the award.

Ad hoc arbitration is conducted without the supervision of an arbitration institution, whereas in institutional arbitration, we have an administrative institution that oversees and administers the process according to established rules and procedures.