Comprehensive legal advice and representation

Personalised legal defence

In our Litigation and Civil Procedural department, we have a team of lawyers specialised in all types of litigation. We are prepared to provide legal advice and representation in every case, from contractual claims to cases of fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, joint venture dissolution, conflicts related to assets, management and agency, professional negligence, litigation over licensing rights and royalties, as well as complex negotiations.


Litigation in specific sectors

We specialise in various sectors, including energy and renewables, construction, infrastructure and real estate, engineering and technology, healthcare sector, music, television, and art, among others. This experience allows us to offer a service tailored to the needs of our clients.

In the energy and renewable sector, we address disputes related to large wind, photovoltaic, and bioenergy plants, as well as the handling of procedures regarding solar and wind plants, battery operation, and technological equipment.

Additionally, in the construction sector, we handle disputes arising from building defects, controversies due to contractual breaches in industrial, residential, and public works construction, and issues related to cost overruns, delays, defects and construction flaws, damage and loss settlements, and penalties. We defend the interests of developers, construction companies, architects, and surveyors in proceedings arising from civil liability.


Protection of interests and assets

We provide legal advice and representation to individuals, including HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) and UHNWIs (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals), to protect their assets, properties, information, and personal interests. We handle post-merger and acquisition litigation, as well as major business transactions.

We also handle real estate disputes for clients of all types, usually entrepreneurs with large real estate portfolios, addressing claims for private nuisances and disputes related to property renovations and development. Additionally, we provide legal advice to companies and public officeholders on legal issues related to financial difficulties and insolvency.


Experts in claims for amounts owed

Our team of experts in civil procedural law and litigation has extensive experience in claims for amounts owed and defaults for companies and entrepreneurs. We offer the best service in both declarative processes and out-of-court negotiations and monitoring procedures.

At Ayuela Jiménez, we defend the interests of our clients in debt claims for companies that have left invoices or loans unpaid, known as NPLs (Non-Performing Loans). Our experience and specialisation allow us to optimise deadlines and resources in claims for amounts owed, having even developed software and proprietary methodologies for efficient procedure management.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Ayuela Jiménez help with real estate matters?

At Ayuela Jiménez, we provide advice on real estate matters, from claims for private nuisances to litigation related to property renovations and development. Our team is prepared to handle all types of real estate litigation.

Yes, we specialise in providing legal advice and representation to protect assets, properties, and personal interests of both HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) and UHNWIs (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals).

Yes, we offer specialised services in claims for amounts owed at both national and international levels. This includes managing monitoring procedures and other legal actions to ensure effective recovery of debts and defaults.