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"Legal disputes can be an ocean of complexity for those who do not dive in the depths of the law every day.
We will ensure you dock safely in port."

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Do you remember that friend about whom you used to say “when we’re older you’ll be my lawyer”? That’s us.
We have grown, but we are still the one who helps keep you afloat.

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  • Tax

    We understand that tax matters are of the utmost importance when taking business and asset-management decisions, and that is why we offer practical, innovative, and effective solutions.

  • Employment

    We provide advice on personnel management and H. R. administration, going beyond the strictly legal aspects of this area.

  • Compliance

    We design and implement exclusive programmes to prevent offences being committed, so as to avoid legal liabilities.

  • Commercial Law

    We help businesses to grow and develop, both nationally and internationally. We offer you integrated advice for day-to-day activities and for transactions.

  • Litigation and arbitration

    Our preventive advice will seek agreement over court proceedings, but if no agreement is possible we will bring the full force of our experience to bear.

  • Economic offences

    We defend businesses accused of offences of all kinds and in the protection of their secrets. We frequently appear before the courts and the Spanish High Court.

  • Employment

    If you are unfairly dismissed, if you are disabled, if you are off sick, or if you have a claim: if you need us, get in touch, whether you are an employee or a senior manager.

  • Wills & probate

    There are times when you cannot take care of everything. We will speed up the process and minimize any disputes.

  • Wealth management

    We are experts in providing peace of mind, so that you can focus on what really matters.

  • Litigation

    Whether you have made an investment on a personal basis that has not gone well or you have a complex problem, we can help you sort it out.

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We do our bit to make society better.

Pro bono assistance

We believe that access to a fair defence is a right.
at is why we help people with limited resources and associations with altruistic aims..
If you know of someone without resources or an NGO facing injustice, contact us.

Co-operation with Universities

Training is key to ensuring that future generations are better than ourselves.
That is why we teach everything we know.

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