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"Legal disputes can be an ocean of complexity for those who do not dive in the depths of the law every day.
We will ensure you dock safely in port."

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At Ayuela Jiménez we specialize in managing and resolving business-related disputes

  • Before taking legal action

    Ask for our assistance in matters of preventive law or dispute-management. Through anticipation and negotiation, we can mitigate the risks associated with commencing judicial proceedings for our clients.

  • Litigation

    With our innovative approach, we have been recognized both nationally and internationally for our greatest strength: we are the law firm that defends its clients in the face of any challenge and against any adversary.

If you want legal advice with experience and transparency
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Like fish in the sea, they are completely at home in the Law.

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They are the source of our reputation.

The law firm that feels most at ease in a dispute

We focus on protecting our clients against the most complex of difficulties.

Pro bono assistance

We believe that access to a fair defence is a right.
at is why we help people with limited resources and associations with altruistic aims..
If you know of someone without resources or an NGO facing injustice, contact us.

Co-operation with Universities

Training is key to ensuring that future generations are better than ourselves.
That is why we teach everything we know.

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